My Eyebrow Story: Part 3- The day I go my eyebrows tattooed!

Hi everyone. This is the last part of my three part eyebrow story. If you did not read Part 1 and Part 2, you can click there if you want to read them. If you don’t, basically all you need to know is that I have very small, fine, shapeless eyebrows! After making the decision to get my eyebrows tattooed (to the horror of my parents) I went to see Michelle Osborn of Feather Touch Brows (in Perth). I researched a few different places before decided on Michelle’s studio. She has a Diploma is Cosmetic Tattooing and performs permanent makeup services in addition to eyebrow tattooing. I stalked her Instagram for weeks before deciding to take the plunge and book a consultation. I wanted to ask a few questions before I committed to getting the feather touch tattooing done.

Thank God you found me Michelle!


Quoted directly from Michelle’s website here, “Feather Touch is a method of cosmetic tattooing using a hand tool called a micro-blade rather than a tattoo rotary pen (machine). Hair-like strokes are made into the skin in the direction of your natural brow to mimic real hairs. This method is perfect for creating a whole transformation for a client that has sparse brows, filling in gaps from over plucking or an ideal solution for someone with uneven brows”.

And now they can be!

When I went in for my consult, Michelle was so welcoming and friendly. She took me into her studio and asked me what I wanted to know. Having researched feather touch tattooing vigorously I knew a lot about it already, but I just wanted a few things confirmed:


1) How long does it last and do I need it touched up?

2) Will the tattoo fade to a blue colour like certain other tattoos do?

3) Pain level?

4) Will it look natural?

5) Cost?

After she answered my questions, she drew on my eyebrows with pencil which would be the shape she would be working with for the tattoo. Satisfied (she drew them even better than I normally would), I booked an appointment for a few weeks later to have them tattooed. I felt like this appointment was mainly to keep my parents satisfied that I wasn’t getting life-altering drastic black cartoon eyebrows drawn on my face. They still weren’t convinced, but I had made up my mind!

The difference eyebrows (and contouring) can make!


On the day of the appointment, I showed up and after greeting me, Michelle applied numbing cream to my eyebrows and I had to let that sit for about 15minutes. Whilst I was waiting, I filled out a waiver form which basically had all my contact information and some medical history. Once that was done, we went into the room and we discussed the shape I wanted (if it was the same shape from last time). I told her yes and showed her some photos of how I normally do my eyebrows. She wiped off the numbing cream (as my eyebrows were numb at this point) and drew the shape on with pencil. After I confirmed the shape was fine, we discussed the pigment colour I wanted (I got a medium brown) and I lay down on the bed and she got to work tattooing.

She used tool called a micro blade which was like a small metal rod with a blade on the end. Michelle explained that she dips the micro blade in the pigment and creates tiny hair like strokes covering the whole eyebrow. She goes in different directions to add dimension and make it look more natural. We chatted the whole time and I barely noticed what she was doing! Throughout the procedure she also plucked stray hairs that didn’t fit the shape (I also hadn’t gotten rid of the regrowth underneath as I was overdue for a wax- she assured me that was fine though and she didn’t mind plucking them out). After she finished I got up and checked my reflection in the mirror. I was pleasantly surprised- they weren’t huge like I was expecting them to be or terribly dark (having read many reviews with people saying that this had happened to them). Maybe I was used to it as they were a very similar colour and shape to how I normally do my brows when I filled them in with pencil. What I was happiest about was that they were so symmetrical- I could NEVER do my eyebrows like that! I found them a bit thinner than I was used to but she assured me that we could make them thicker in the follow up appointment in 4-6 weeks’ time. A follow up appointment is always scheduled to check on how the brows have healed, and to add more dimension and colour if necessary to the brows. Michelle explained that there are only so many strokes that they can apply in one session to avoid all the lines blurring together which will make it look less natural. After explaining how the healing process works and given instructions on how to care for them until the next appointment, I was on my way.

Here are some before and after pictures of my eyebrows:

Here is a little bit of information about the feather touch procedure and healing process:

–          Time taken for the procedure: About 1.5 hours from start to finish. The tattooing itself only took around 45minutes (which I barely noticed as we chatted the whole time). The rest of the time was spent on the numbing cream, forms, drawing the shape before the tattoo and explaining the healing process.

–          Pain level: A numbing cream was applied, but the area was not totally numb. I could feel the blade going into my skin, but it didn’t feel like a tattoo needle. It felt more like someone scratching my skin. I’m pretty sooky when it comes to pain but I didn’t consider it painful (I would say waxing or threading hurts more than this, though this was obviously for a longer period of time). I would give it a 3/10 on the pain scale, but it will vary from person to person. It might have hurt more if the numbing cream hadn’t been applied, but I cannot be sure.

–          Healing Time/Process: Initially the colour will appear very dark, and will fade dramatically within the first week. I would say it was quite dark for the first three days, then it got light very quickly. After a week, it was basically my natural hair colour. After five days, the skin began to peel (or exfoliate) and it looked like flaky bits of skin coming off the area that was tattooed. This was kind of grose, but totally normal and only noticeable to me. The exfoliation lasted for around four days when most of the flaky bits came off and I was left with faded, hair like strokes on my skin where she had tattooed. Apparently, the true colour of the tattoo appears around 7-10 days after the exfoliation has finished. I posted the blog before that happened, but when it does happen I will keep you updated. All I had to do to look after the tattoo was keep it moist with a cream that dries clear used for things like nappy rash (in Australia it’s called Bepanthon) and I applied that 4-5 times a day for the first ten days until the exfoliation finished (I got pretty slack towards the end and was only applying it once or twice a day). This is to ensure that tattoo stays moist and heals properly (same like any tattoo). I couldn’t get it wet (which was difficult- I can’t imagine what I would do if I had my lips tattooed). I applied Vaseline to them in the shower to avert the water, but after a few days my skin was so grose and oily. I was lucky (sort of) to be off that week as I had my wisdom teeth taken out, so I was at home and no one saw me! I didn’t wear any makeup for that week except for the first day as I had to go to work after the procedure- Michelle told me just to avoid makeup around the eyebrow area, which I could do. After a few days I did wash my face fully with a cleanser- I probably shouldn’t have done that but my face was seriously oily. Last of all- do not pick at it when it starts to flake up! It can get itchy and you have to avoid picking the flakey bits off. I did not suffer too much itchiness luckily, but I can imagine it to be very, very annoying if you did! If you follow these instructions it will help retain the colour pigment and speed up the healing process.

It is now day ten post procedure and I am pretty happy with my brows. They are lighter than I hoped, but they colour should deepen a bit now that the exfoliation has finished. If it doesn’t, I can add more pigment at my next appointment. I am pretty happy with the shape, there are only a couple of things I want adjusted, which can be easily fixed (more definition on the tail where I have literally no hair and dimension throughout the eyebrow) in the follow up appointment. If you don’t want to change anything, you do not even really need the follow up appointment (though it is recommended just to check on the tattoo). Everyone heals and retains the pigment differently. I will now answer the questions that I asked Michelle initially at my consult:

1)      Q: How long does it last and do I need it touched up?

A: It should last between 2-3 years from the initial appointment. A touch up is recommended between 12-18 months after the initial procedure to keep the colour fresh as it will fade over time (it is a facial tattoo which is commonly exposed to the elements like sun and water).

2)      Q: Will the tattoo fade to a blue colour like other tattoos do?

A: This one I was worried about- those older people you see with dark blue eyebrows who have had them ‘block’ tattooed black which have now faded to blue. No, the tattoo does not fade blue, as black pigment is not used to tattoo the brows with. Michelle said she uses the black pigment for eyeliner tattoos which can eventually fade to blue if not touched up regularly, but black pigment is not used to tattoo eyebrows so it will never fade to a blue colour. If left untouched, it will eventually fade to nothing over time.

3)      Q: Pain level?

A: As explained before, the pain level varies person to person, but I did not find the procedure very painful at all.

4)      Q: Will it look natural?

A: Yes. Maybe not in the first week as the colour will be strong, but it will fade and become natural looking. It is not a block tattoo; it is individual strokes aimed to look like natural hair. Even if you have minimal or no hair on your eyebrows, the strokes are designed to mimic hair. It will look more natural if you have more hair, but it will still look very natural if you have no hair. Feather touch tattooing is popular with patients that have lost their hair through chemotherapy and other illnesses such as trichotillomania which will not grow back. It is a more natural brow look than getting a block brow tattoo.

5)      Q: Cost?

A: This is already answered on the website, but in case you were curious, is $550 for the initial treatment and $50 for the follow up appointment. Sounds expensive (and it is), but when you think about the hassle it will save you from doing your makeup every day, always looking like you’ve just been to the salon, money spent on brow products, and constantly feeling like a million bucks, for more than two years; for me it was worth it.


In conclusion…

I cannot really say I have had any bad experiences regarding this procedure so far. I am so excited to not have to do my brows every day when I wake up. I no longer look like a zombie when I leave the house without my brows ‘on’. Even my boyfriend noticed and complimented me and he never detects these things! I will still do my eyebrows on days when I wear makeup (most days I don’t as I do not have time- my makeup motto is all or nothing and it can take ages to do my full face). I no longer have to worry about my brows coming off during swimming or at the gym. I can look socially acceptable going shopping or meeting friends without have to do my makeup. I still can’t believe how good they look, and they aren’t even finished yet. I am so excited to go to my next appointment and get them finished, and then seeing the final product! Eyebrows really do change your entire face so it is important to get them right. If you are going to get this done, do your research. Do not be afraid to ask questions, research different companies that do feather touch tattooing, and read reviews. This is not something to take lightly and you definitely get what you pay for.


Thanks for reading, I know it was a long one! Feel free to ask me any questions in the comments below, and be sure to check out Michelle’s work if you live in the Western Australia area (I will put all the links below). I cannot recommend her enough. She is a friendly, funny and thorough person who is very good at what she does. She made my experience so comfortable and enjoyable. She also does pop up visits for all her cosmetic tattooing services in different areas and salons in WA, so be sure to check out her Instagram as well for details on that. I am looking forward to seeing the finished product that my eyebrows will become, and I will keep you updated on how they go.

Bye for now but not forever,



Michelle’s Website:

Michelle’s Instagram:

My Instagram:

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4 thoughts on “My Eyebrow Story: Part 3- The day I go my eyebrows tattooed!

  1. Great post! Thank you. I just had my brows done today & am freaking out about how dark they are!!! When did yours begin to fade & how much (percentage-wise) did they fade? I’d like mine to fade significantly; 30-50%. Help!


    1. Thanks for your comment! They are very dark for about 3-5 days, as I’ve had them touched up now I have learnt to plan getting them touched up around long weekends etc because they are very dark for at least 3 days. Then they start peeling which is the annoying pay and that goes on for 1-2 weeks- this is when they start to go quite light, lighter than you would expect, and the skin under the brows starts flaking- light getting sunburnt. Your brows should be back to normal and at the correct colour I would say after 3 weeks, but they are only dark for the first 3-5days. If you take care of them properly with the aftercare cream they should heal muchh quicker, so make sure you do apply the cream regularly to help with the healing and try not to scratch!! It does ruin the tattoo underneath. I hope you love your end result- try and be patient, I know it’s crazy scary at first it it does fade up to 50%ish in the first week.


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