New Aussie Indie brand- Queen of Hearts Lacquer Wizarding World Collection!

Hi everyone, and welcome back!

Today I have a new Aussie Indie brand to share with you all- Queen of Hearts Lacquer! It is a bit of a long post and is quite picture heavy, because I am trying out a new way to include more images on my blog posts. Please read to the end and let me know your opinion 🙂 You can also check out my Instagam here for a closer look at the shots I took.


Queen of Hearts Lacquer launched on March 1st with their Wizarding World Collection. Their collections are “inspired by great myths, books, movies, TV shows, and everything in between”.


All Queen of Hearts Lacquer polishes are 5 free (which means free of the following harmful chemicals- Toluene, Formaldehyde, TSF resin, Camphor and DBP). They also do not test on animals, and are against animal cruelty of any kind.

As they are a new brand starting out, their Instagram is not active just yet, but feel free to check out their Facebook page for updates as Maddison (the owner) is active over there.

I was extremely excited to be approached my Maddison to try out two of her polishes from the Wizarding World Collection! I couldn’t choose just two, as I really liked them all, so I asked her if I could purchase a third one and she could send it along with the other two for me to try. I am now considering buying the rest of the collection as I was very impressed with the results!


Macro bottle shots



There are eight polishes in the Wizarding World Collection- one glitter topper, one crelly, three shimmers and three jellies. A large variety of polishes which when combined together make a stunning new brand launch collection!

Now, don’t get me started on Harry Potter. I am obsessed. Ever since I was a kid I have loved anything to do with Harry Potter. It has seriously been a problem for me. My dream in life is to go to London and visit Harry Potter World! I cannot even explain how much I love the book series and the movies. It something I can never get tired reading and watching. I had actually started re-reading the books again when Maddison emailed me, so I thought that was great timing!


Now, enough of my rambling, (finally) onto the polishes!

I was intrigued to try the three jellies of the collection. I thought they looked very unique and I do not have many jellies in my collection. Alas, I chose to try The Cunning, The Inquisitive and The Daring.

The Cunning is a dark green vampy jelly polish with specks of edgy silver glitter. Inspired by the House of Syltherin, whose students are considered to be very cunning and ambitious, the Syltherin house is also associated with the colours of green and silver, which are the main elements in this polish.


I quite liked this polish, it is not a green I would normally choose, but I was impressed with the silver glitter in it, and I think it is very clever how it has been put together. The jelly formula was easy to apply, and a decent amount of the silver glitter was covered in the swatch. I used three coats, but you could get away with two if you wanted. Some of the silver glitters did stick out, but nothing that a thick coat of topcoat couldn’t fix!

Sunlight shot

The Inquisitive is blue jelly polish with different shaped copper and silver glitter.

I believe it is inspired by the Ravenclaw students who are always keen to learn and are very wise. The colours of blue and bronze are associated with the Ravenclaw house symbol of which both a used in the creation of this polish!

I liked this polish as I am a huge blue fanatic, but I did find it to be sheerer than the other two with the glitter density a lot less. There is no problem with that, however I like my jellies to be filled with tonnes of glitter! It’s all up to personal preference. I used three coats with a top coat to smooth out some of the silver shards that stuck out slightly.

Shade shot

The Daring is red near maroon jelly polish packed full of copper, gold and metallic hexagon glitters of all sizes! The Gryffindor House considers its students to be very courageous as well as be daring, have nerve and be very chivalrous. The colours of Gryffindor are red and gold, which are both strong elements of this polish.

I really love this polish, the red is a gorgeous colour and there is so much glitter. It is so squishy and the jelly formula is very good. I did not find it difficult to get the glitters out, they are really packed into the bottle and came out smoothly. There were not as many of the larger glitters compared to the smaller ones, but as evident in my swatches they are still heavily present! I used three coats but you could get away with two, I just like it looking very squishy and it shows the depth with more coats. I did not have any issue with the glitter shards sticking out massively, so only one coat of top coat was needed to smooth it out and give it a glass-like finish.

Shade shot

I am very impressed with the polishes I tried from the collection! I think that Queen of Hearts Lacquer has done an amazing job with the polishes for their first ever collection! As previously mentioned, the Harry Potter fanatic in me makes me want to go and get the rest of the polishes! I think they all look great! The formulas were very good and easy to work with. I loved that there was so much glitter in them as well. What I liked most is I could really see that Maddison has researched all of the polishes and what the inspiration is behind each of them! Maddison, you have done a great job and I want to congratulate you on a successful opening collection for your new brand and I cannot wait to see what the future has in store for you!


The links to all the Queen of Hearts Lacquer social media’s will be linked below. Please see the website here to purchase these gorgeous polishes and to see the others in the collection!


What do you think of this style blog post compared to my others for nail polish reviews? Do you think there are too many photos? Are the individual photos under each description too small? I want to include more images of the polishes but I do not know if it is too much, especially the collages at the end. Please let me know in the comments or you can comment on my Instagram posts as well.

Goodbye for now but not forever,



Queen of Hearts Lacquer information:

Website (to purchase):

Facebook page:



Other websites

To learn more about Harry Potter visit:

My Instagram (For more swatches):


Disclaimer: I was kindly sent 2/3 of these products for free by the abovementioned company in exchange for an honest review. All opinions stated are my own and have in no way been influenced or paid for.


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