Celestial Cosmetics June LE 2016


Good morning everyone, and I’m sorry or the delay in this post- I have been super busy this past month with a new job and a new house, I haven’t had time to think, let alone blog! Today I will be showing you the gorgeous June LE by Celestial Cosmetics!



This year the monthly LE polishes are inspired by flowers- this month is the Rose. That being said, when I think Rose I definitely don’t think blue- I didn’t even know blue roses existed! Nevertheless, I learnt something new and the picture voted by the members of the Celestial Stars group was a blue rose, see below.
The polish is a blue sapphire holo with purple shimmer. I think it matches the inspiration picture perfectly! In different light and angles you can see all of the different colours in the polish. It is such a pain to photograph the purple shimmer, but it is much more obvious in person.
Sunlight (Cloudy day)
Sunlight (Cloudy day)
The polish itself is so beautiful. The colour absolutely glows. Rain or shine, it’s no less gorgeous! I think it may be one of my new favourite blues.
The application was super easy- the polish itself is quite thin but it wasn’t difficult to apply. It self levels and is opaque in 2 coats. I did not experience any staining with this polish but with blues it’s better to be safe than sorry, so a good base coat would help prevent this.
I really adore this polish- you’ve got a little over a week until it is gone forever though as it is limited edition, so it will only be available in June. If you are a blue lover, you definitely need this!
Again, my apologies for delay in getting this blog out to you- I hope to be back on my regular scheduling soon.
Until next time, goodbye for now but not forever!
Jade 🙂

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